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Upgrade your old multimeter and save today
While your old multimeter may have served you well, its failure to conform to current standards or its end-of-service status can pose a liability, resulting in unexpected downtime. Take advantage of our limited-time offer to trade in your old precision multimeter and save 15% on the Fluke 8588A Reference Multimeter or the 8558A 8.5-digit Multimeter. 
Explore the superior accuracy, long-term stability, and intuitive interface of the Fluke 8588A and 8558A multimeters, simplifying your work like never before.
Key Features of the 8588A/8558A:
  • Fast 5-mega-samples-per-second digitizing multimeter
  • Unmatched stability for precise, reliable measurements at 8.5-digit resolution
  • Enhanced triggering and synchronization for demanding tasks
  • Intuitive front panel with graphical display for seamless operation
  • Statistical and trending functions for comprehensive analysis
  • Multiple remote interface busses (GPIB-IEEE, LAN and USB) for effortless data transfer
  • Compatibility with Fluke 8508A and HP/Agilent/Keysight 3458A Emulation Mode
Trade in and save 15% on your new digital multimeter. Offer expires after Dec. 15, 2023.

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